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ASTA, short form of American Society of Travel Agents, is the world's largest association of travel professionals. Our 20,000-plus members include travel agents and the companies whose products they sell such as tours, cruises, hotels, car rentals, etc. We are the leading advocates for travel agents, in the travel industry and the traveling public.

ASTA India Chapter is an extension of ASTA International in India. Once a company applies for the membership of ASTA, they automatically become the members of their respective chapters.

The ASTA India Chapter is now the largest ASTA Chapter outside the US, with 188 members.

Over the past few years, the chapter has been involved in organising various activities, which includes FAM trip to India, educational seminars, roadshows in the US and participation in the trade shows etc.

The India chapter had very successfully arranged a FAM trip in India in April 2006, where we had over 40 US agent come to India. They met the ASTA India Chapter members over three days of lunches and dinners. The ASTA India chapter also took part in the Montreal, Orlando and Las Vegas Trade Shows. At all these events it has been our core focus to give exposure to our members. All our events have not only been open for any member to join in, but all the material we have distributed has always contained all membership information. At the last three Trade Shows we have been taking a booth space and arranging various activities such as offering door prizes and special trips for the US agents. These have worked fairly well.

We also had a very successful chapter Road Show in Southern California in September 2007. There were 8 companies from India and we had a tremendous response for the local travel fraternities in San Diego and the Long beach areas. We took this momentum onto to Las Vegas where there were almost 18 Indian companies at the India stand at the Trade Show.

Another roadshow was organised in association with Ministry of Tourism in Atlanta, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers in September 2008. ASTA India chapter had hired a local agency to select and invite US buyers to attend the meetings with Indian delegation.
Amongst our other activities have been -

  1. Developed and designed an exclusive website for the ASTA India Chapter- , all the Indian members are listed in the website which is also linked with the main ASTA website.

  2. Participated in the ASTA Montreal Congress 2005, the Indian member delegation went to Montreal and distributed the specially developed CDs to all the participants.

  3. A presentation on India as a tourism destination was also made by the participating members in the Montreal congress.

  4. Distributed a special CD during the Montreal congress which had all the Indian members contact details alongwith their company profile.

  5. Participated in ASTA Orlando Congress 2006 and made a presentation on India.

  6. Distributed 500 Jute bags containing the address and website of ASTA India Chapter to the delegates.

  7. Distributed the CD's containing members profile and contacts.

  8. ASTA India chapter participated in the Las Vegas Trade Show last September (2007).

  9. A delegation of 10 ASTA India Chapter members went on a roadshow specially organised in cooperation with India Tourism LA. The delegation made presentations in San Diego and Orange County. (2007)

  10. A number of ASTA India members participated in the Trade Show in Orlando last September (2008)A number of ASTA India members participated in the Trade Show in Orlando last September (2008)

  11. 15 member delegation attended the roadshow prior to the Trade Show in Atlanta, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers.

  12. A specially developed CD by ASTA India Chapter with all member listing was distributed to the participants in the roadshow as well as the Trade Show in 2008.

  13. A leaflet with a brief profile of all participants attended the roadshow was printed and distributed during the event in all the cities.

  14. ASTA India Chapter organised a series of seminars in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi on the Inclusive Tourism in association with SATH (Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality) to explore the possibilities of introducing this sector in India to the members. The seminars were attended by a large number of members as well as non-members in both the cities. The initiative was very well appreciated by the travel industry. Even the Ministry of Tourism took note of this initiative and recognised the potential of this untapped segment. MOT is working on the guidelines to make mandatory rules for the state tourism bodies and hotels etc to have infrastructure for people with disability.

Upcoming events:

  1. ASTA India Chapter is considering bidding for IDE (international Destination Expo) 2011 to be held in India. The office bearer team is in communication with MOT officials for the same.

  2. ASTA India chapter will also be participating in The Trade Show in Las Vegas this September from 13-15, 2009.

  3. Training on Agent Affairs in September in Mumbai.

Benefits of ASTA India Chapter

ASTA India Chapter activities are separate than those of the ASTA International. Once a company becomes the member of ASTA, it automaticaly becomes the member of ASTA India Chapter. The members are encouraged to join ASTA India Chapter to take advantages of additional activities arranged to promote the Indian products in the US markets via roadshows, trade show participation etc. The annual membership fees of Rs. 2500/- is charged to benefit and support chapter activities.





  Dedicated to the Business of Selling Travel.
Dedicated to the Business of Selling Travel.
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